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We focus on solutions so you can focus on what matters.

Security services are not one-size-fits-all. Our services are adaptable and customizable depending on your unique needs, so we can ensure that all your bases are covered.

loss prevention

Loss Prevention

Eliminate theft, protect your assets, and increase your business’s safety and security with 494 Security Services. Our experienced retail loss prevention officers are among the best in the industry and are as committed to the protection of your assets as you are. At 494 Security Services, we don’t compromise on your safety—all our offices are thoroughly vetted before being assigned to you. They are also put through specialized training, so they are ready to meet all your security needs.


Security Guard responsibilities include site security, removing vagrants and undesirables, maintenance documentation, criminal code enforcement, suspect apprehension, and employee/customer safety and security. All 494 Security Guards are trained as per Manitoba Security Standards and receive additional training in handcuffs, use of force, the Common Criminal Code, and the Manitoba Petty Trespasses Act.

494 Securities Vehicles & Guards
494 Security Services Tactical Guard


From site security and maintenance documentation to criminal code enforcement, suspect apprehension, and ensuring the safety of your employees and customers, our tactical guards are the perfect team for the job. They are trained as per Manitoba Security Standards. They receive additional training in handcuffs, use of force, the Common Criminal Code and the Manitoba Petty Trespasses Act, arrest/control tactics, search and real-life scenario training, escort tactics, and more. The Tactical guard comes with a higher calibre of communication skills and is visually deterring with their tactical attire, consisting of tactical boots, pants, uniform shirt, protective vest, duty belt, gloves, flashlight, handcuffs, baton (can be removed), and more.


Mobile Security consists of a police cruiser marked with professional yet impactful 494 signage. Our vehicles are equipped with lighting to make an impactful presence while driven by our best Tactical Guards. Mobile Security will respond to your alarms, property checks, or call-for-services. Our team will respond to your call around the clock to assist with any lawful request you have, including trespassers, panhandlers, undesirables, and site protection. All incidents and patrols come with a detailed, custom-built report.

494 Securities
494 Security Services - Surveillance

Surveillance and Private Investigation

Our specialized investigators carry out a wide range of investigation and surveillance services that can be customized to your needs. From financial and information theft to disability fraud, accident investigation, human rights violations, and more, our certified investigators are trained and equipped to handle all types of situations. All our staff are specialized in at least one recognized form of investigation and have ample experience in detecting deception and statement analysis. We offer both mobile and static surveillance, and our team is also skilled in detecting counter-surveillance. You can trust us to handle your cases with utmost dedication and confidentiality.


Do you have the right security measures in place to protect your business facility, employees, customers, and assets? 494 Security Services provides clients with professional security consultation services. Our team will analyze your current security system and grade its efficiency based on your industry standards. With our vast industry knowledge, we will work to fill in the gaps in your physical security procedures with tailored solutions that offer optimum results.

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