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Success is Based on Solutions, Not Excuses

494 Security Systems, Inc. is a certified, licensed organization located in Winnipeg, dedicated to providing local businesses and residents across Manitoba and beyond with professional, reliable, and quality security services.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

At 494 Security Services, we’re passionate about protecting those around us by providing a range of custom, results-oriented private and commercial security services to keep you comfortable and safe. With a combined experience of over 50 years in law enforcement, customer service, emergency command, and project management, our operational and management teams are expertly equipped to provide services adapted to every unique situation. Visit our services page to learn how we can resolve your concerns with safety and image in mind.

Our Services

At 494 Security Services, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our communities. Though we are experts in retail loss prevention, we also offer a range of other security services to assist businesses and individuals with theft prevention, guard, surveillance, and other security services.



From shoplifting and theft prevention to damage control, we do it all to keep your retail stores and businesses safe and in business.

494 Securities Vehicles & Guards


Our highly skilled guards are equipped with the latest technology and skills to ensure the safety and security of your customers, assets, and property.

494 Security Services Tactical Guard


Our professionally-trained tactical team is on a mission to meet all your security needs in a proactive, professional, and reliable manner.


Mobile Patrol

You can rest easy knowing that our experienced and skilled mobile patrol team has your back in an emergency.

494 Security Services - Surveillance

Surveillance & Private Investigation

We have a team of investigators and surveillance experts who can handle anything from information theft to accident investigations.

494 Security Patrol Vehicle


Find out how we can help you protect your facility better. We will work with you to customize our solutions to ensure maximum security.



“I’ve been working with this amazing team of individuals for going on 2 years now. What stand out to me is how this company has really gone out of their way to treat me like I’m one of their family. To really go out of their way to help me succeed as a guard and also to advance higher in the industry. Most companies I’ve worked for in the past treated me like a replaceable number, but 494 has a completely different philosophy and I absolutely love that about them.”


“Very friendly place to work. Great staff to work with and easy going. Been working with them for a couple of years.
It is a good company to hire for your business.
Guards are they to work and be professional and listen to the client.”

– Belinda Chard

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